Internet file types

   The Internet offers many opportunities for downloading files from a huge number of Internet hosts. These files may have been generated on different computer systems, so before you spend time downloading a file, it is important to understand the type of file you are dealing with. Table I.1 lists many of the common file types you may encounter.
   A tape archive created by the tar utility.
   Z = A file created by the compress utility. You must use uncompress to restore the file before you can use it.
   tar.z = A compressed tape archive file.
   z = A file created by the pack utility. You must use unpack to restore the file before you can use it.
   zip = A file created by PKZIP or WinZip. You must unzip the file before you can use it.
   gz = A file created by the GNU gzip utility. You must decompress the file before you can use it.
   hqx = A compressed Macintosh file.
   sit = A Macintosh file compressed by StuffIt.
   tif/tiff = A graphics file in TIF format.
   gif = A graphics file in GIF format.
   htm/html = A Web page in HyperText Markup Language.
   jpg/jpeg = A graphics file in JPEG format.
   mpg/mpeg = A video file in MPEG format.
   txt = A text file.
   1 = An nroff source file.
   ps = A PostScript file ready for printing.
   uue = A uuencoded file. You must use uudecode before you can use the file.
   uue.z = A compressed uuencoded file.
   shar = A Usenet newsgroup archive file created by the shar utility.
   shar.z = A compressed shar file.

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